How I got the Scribbler 2 robot with a Fluke 2 board working on Mac OS X



  1. Start-up Guide (shipped with Scribbler II) – Play around with the demo modes. I couldn’t try the USB interface because I didn’t buy the USB-to-serial converter…oops. However, the Fluke 2 board obviates the need for it.
  2. Follow the instructions at the IPRE wiki to download and install Calico (a framework for programming).
  3. Follow the instructions at to set up bluetooth.
  4. Do a firmware upgrade.
    I had trouble creating a custom tty port to use, so I left my original “/dev/tty.Fluke2-05FB-Fluke2” and in the terminal typed:

    cd /dev
    sudo ln -s tty.Fluke2-05FB-Fluke2 tty.scribbler

    You will need to replace “05FB” with whatever you see when you type ls -l /dev/tty.* from Then I could type in the

    from firmwareupgrade import *
    upgrade("fluke", port="/dev/tty.scribbler")
  5. Initialize the robot (from the using Myro):
    from Myro import *

Now, according to Matt Greenwolfe, the next step is to write low-level movement routines that use the wheel encoders.